Morning Sky

I captured this on my phone (Galaxy S4) on my 4-mile, Saturday morning walk.



Just another shot of the moon with some very faint clouds.  I believe we’re going to be carving up some pumpkins into Jack-O-lanterns tonight.  If so, I’ll have pictures of that as well!  I love Halloween!  I’m not to thrilled that it’s all over in just a few more days.  


This is the one subject in photography where I really wish I lived out West – Clouds.  Maybe one day I can visit the southwest and get all of those beautiful cloud pictures.  BUT clouds are also beautiful here in the mid-west and I love taking pictures of them, just ask my wife.  I’ll pretty much drop whatever I’m doing to snap a picture of beautiful clouds, cloud formations, or sunsets.  The first two pictures I captured last night.  The others are pictures I’ve taken over the past year.  I hope you enjoy.