Well Christmas twenty-twelve has come and gone and it was another great one!  This post is mostly for my parents to see Izzy as she opens up her gifts.  Mom once again was spot on with the tape, but this year she added some governmental grade wrapping paper. 🙂  It was about a 1/4 of an inch thick, proper stuff I tell you!  We all loved our gifts.  Izzy racked up on the Monster High gear, Jen on lotion and me on tech gadgets and games!  Thanks for all of our goodies – we had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy New Year in just a couple of days!!

Wacom Bamboo

My brother is an incredible artist.  He does some amazing work which you can see at and it inspires me to be more creative.  A few months ago we were talking on the phone and he mentioned that he thought I would be pretty good at coloring some line art.  I have no art experience other than some high school courses and my love for photography, but I did enjoy drawing in Jr. High although it never bloomed into anything worth while.  Fast forward to earlier this week – we were talking about art again and I mentioned that I might take up drawing/painting so I can understand the techniques.  His next text surprised me, “I just sent you a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet.”  I couldn’t believe it!  It showed up the next day (thanks Amazon for building a distro facility so close to Indianapolis).  I got it setup and tried to draw.  Realizing I needed some guidance I turned to Youtube and tpyed in “pumpkin’ head drawing” and a nice tutorial began to play.  I watched it then paused it at the finished product – which was an inked version with no color, and proceeded to give it a try.  Here’s my result:


So here’s to a new start in creativity and art and hopefully I can build on this experience with a goal of drawing, creating, painting, and coloring.