Well Christmas twenty-twelve has come and gone and it was another great one!  This post is mostly for my parents to see Izzy as she opens up her gifts.  Mom once again was spot on with the tape, but this year she added some governmental grade wrapping paper. 🙂  It was about a 1/4 of an inch thick, proper stuff I tell you!  We all loved our gifts.  Izzy racked up on the Monster High gear, Jen on lotion and me on tech gadgets and games!  Thanks for all of our goodies – we had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy New Year in just a couple of days!!

grammie and pops’ gifts

Grammie, Pops’ and Uncle Micah (my mom, dad and younger brother) sent Izzy gifts for her 9th birthday.  She got to open them on her birthday.  She was super excited because she thought she was going to have to wait until her party on the 16th.  One of the pictures you can see she’s working to get through my Mom’s very thorough wrapping.

The gifts:

  • The second Chronicles of Narnia DVD
  • Necklace and bracelet combo
  • Hair clips (that one was hard to open)
  • Card
  • Story Cubes (some how I didn’t get a picture of her opening these)  They’re a lot of fun to play.  You really have to get the creative juices flowing to make a good story!
  • Then the ultimate surprise – MarioCart for her DSi