Chicago Summer Trip 2013 Part 2

Better late than never – part 2!  This time it’s from the Shedd Aquarium.  90% of the images are all low light (no tripod) so please forgive any blurry images.  Hope you enjoy.


Chicago Summer Trip 2013

Over the next few days I’m going to be posting various pictures from our Chicago family trip.  We had a great 4 day trip.  It was long enough to see a few things, but more than enough time in the “big city” for me.  These images are from the Museum of Science and Industry.  This was one of our favorite places.  There was so many cool things to do here.  We got to learn about a lot of different storms, transportation (air and rail), dissect an owl pellet (we found a lot of mouse bones), see a U-boat, and many other things.  I highly recommend the Museum of Science and Industry, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll be following up this post with posts and pictures from the Shedd Aquarium, pictures around Chicago, and family fun pictures.  I’m not sure they’ll be in that order, but there will be three more posts after this one.  Stay tuned!

Hello again!

Yes, yes – I know it’s been a while!  It’s been a very busy semester, but it’s finally over!  I hope to have some time to get the camera out and snap more pictures.  For now I have 3 new ones.  All 3 are from my phone.

Izzy has been reading us “The Blue Ghost.”  It’s a really cool kids’ ghost story!  She’s loving it, as are we.  She’s read 2 or 3 other books from the Ghost series.  The weather has finally turned warm and sunny here in central Indiana.



And one of Jessie (or Flossy, thanks Mom!) stretched out and Ginger all curled up – sleeping of course.  I gave Jessie a haircut Monday afternoon, so he looks completely different now.  I think he’s still mad at me!  I guess he doesn’t know that it’s going to be getting hot soon and he won’t want all the fur.



Well Christmas twenty-twelve has come and gone and it was another great one!  This post is mostly for my parents to see Izzy as she opens up her gifts.  Mom once again was spot on with the tape, but this year she added some governmental grade wrapping paper. 🙂  It was about a 1/4 of an inch thick, proper stuff I tell you!  We all loved our gifts.  Izzy racked up on the Monster High gear, Jen on lotion and me on tech gadgets and games!  Thanks for all of our goodies – we had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy New Year in just a couple of days!!

Silly/Camera Pics from Gatlinburg

Here are the pics!

Gatlinburg, TN

For our anniversary, Jen and I returned to Gatlinburg to our favorite little cabin – Always.  It was cloudy all 4 days we were there except for the day we were leaving.  There weren’t too many photo opportunities, but I did the best with what I had to work with.  Sometimes mother nature just doesn’t want to cooperate.  We had a great time and can’t wait to go back next year!

And a shoutout – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother, Micah.  He turns 21y/o today!!

I’ll post some of the more silly pictures tomorrow.  My Aunt Debbie told us about the Christmas Place, which we visited.  That was Christmas overload!  It was amazing!

Hamilton to AMG Merc and Perez to McLaren

WHOA!!  What a bombshell!  (sorry I’m going to step away from photography for one second)  For those of you that don’t know – I’m a huge F1 fan.  Dad always had the race on before Sunday School and we would finish it up after lunch.  I stopped watching after 2002 and finally got to pick it back up in 2009 when I stepped into the new age with a DVR.  Now I can’t keep away from it.  Just ask my wife who is tired of F1 and my 3 favorite announcers by mid-P2.  “Is your race over yet,” she’ll say.  “It’s just practice,” I’ll reply.  She’s very understanding though and knows when F1 is on I’m useless.  Thanks to my wife for understanding!

On to the news!  Lewis Hamilton is leaving McLaren to join Mercedes AMG.  Hamilton’s seat will be filled by Sergio Perez.  Perez will be under the tutelage of the one and only, Mr. Easy-on-the-tires, Jenson Button, which I believe will be a great experience for Perez.  I’m very excited for both teams next year.

I hope Hamilton can put the frustrations he’s had with McLaren behind him and he can start anew at Mercedes.  I’m a huge Hamilton racing fan, but off of the track I think he has some growing up to do.  Perhaps getting out McLaren will allow him to grow both on and off the track and he’ll be able to shed the negativity.

I can’t wait to see what 2013 is like with the new teams of McLaren and Mercedes, but we still have six races in the 2012 season – six races in one of the craziest seasons I can remember, including the United States Gran Prix!  I hope I can see the USGP in Austin, I was fortunate enough to see the the USGP 2 times when it was here in Indianapolis at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  What an experience!

Since this is a photography page I’ll include some photos from the last USGP I attended:

visit from CA part 4 (test post)

*test post from old site*

Back to the visit pictures! These will wrap up the pictures from my parents’ visit. We had such a wonderful time having them here in Indy and can’t wait to see them again! On the 24th of June, we decided to play some games. First we played the Lego Creation game that George and Shannon gave us last Christmas. After that we played the family version of Apples to Apples. I always forget how tickled Mom can get playing games (or after 8pm) and we all had lots of good laughs at our creations or answers.