Dogs in the Snow

A few weeks ago we got loads of snow.  It’s always fun to watch to dogs play around in the snow, especially once the dachshund have a path to run.  These series of pictures are of Jesse (near the fence), Ginger (really long, reddish), Sophie (chocolate), and Theo (watching it all go down, the mutt).

Ginger chasing Jessie

Ginger chasing Jessie

Sophie chasing Ginger

Sophie chasing Ginger

All 3 dachshunds

Making sure things don't get outta hand

Making sure things don’t get outta hand


Winter Wonderland

We’ve been getting a lot of snow in Indianapolis!

Silly/Camera Pics from Gatlinburg

Here are the pics!

Gatlinburg, TN

For our anniversary, Jen and I returned to Gatlinburg to our favorite little cabin – Always.  It was cloudy all 4 days we were there except for the day we were leaving.  There weren’t too many photo opportunities, but I did the best with what I had to work with.  Sometimes mother nature just doesn’t want to cooperate.  We had a great time and can’t wait to go back next year!

And a shoutout – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother, Micah.  He turns 21y/o today!!

I’ll post some of the more silly pictures tomorrow.  My Aunt Debbie told us about the Christmas Place, which we visited.  That was Christmas overload!  It was amazing!